by Laura Minet | 17. July 2020

Viennese coffee house tradition, where it belongs.

Barista blends taste best when they are also prepared by a barista! In numerous coffee houses all over Vienna, Bieder & Maier coffee awaits you in all variations from cappuccino to espresso to Einspänner. Some of them we present to you here:

The HEUER am Karlsplatz focuses on regionality as well as exclusivity and quality. And here Bieder & Maier fits perfectly to the offer! Because even if our beans come from all corners – or rather from the best corners – of the world, they are combined in Vienna to exclusive blends that accompany both the excellent cuisine and the exclusive evening events of the restaurant.

The Café Diglas im Schottenstift follows the motto “Love of tradition meets openness to the new” – and we couldn’t have said it better. It gives the traditional Viennese coffee house a discreet and highly respectful update. The classic Viennese pastries are delivered daily from the 140-year-old in-house bakery at the Fleischmarkt. And while some people are typing on the keys of their laptops, the pianist lets his fingers wander over the keys of the piano. What better coffee would fit into such a setting than one that brings the centuries-old coffee tradition into the present?

Café Westend honors the traditional Viennese coffee house flair. The fact that it is anything but dusty is underlined by the original and carefully selected decorative elements, which blend in perfectly with the interior. Another fresh impulse is of course the coffee served, which blends in just as seamlessly with the time-honoured surroundings.

Water, flour, spices – that’s all it took to start a revolution in Vienna. Because until the opening of Josephbrot, bread was no more than a basic food. Now bread is basically the reason to leave the house in the morning, at noon and in the evening to enjoy. And the enjoyment is of course accompanied by Bieder & Maier coffee.