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From 1828 to 2018.

When two worlds meet.

Coffee Lover & Barista & aka Maier
Valentin Siglreithmaier


The era of Biedermeier is flourishing and it is the peak of the Viennese art of coffee. Writers, musicians and painters are regulars in Vienna’s coffee houses. At the same time, Vienna witnesses a sensation: The first giraffe is brought to Vienna by the Austrian emperor Franz I. It inspires fashion, songs are written about it and the coffee houses start offering coffee „à la giraffe“.


Almost two centuries after “Vienna’s first giraffe“, Barista and coffee connoisseur Valentin Maier is visiting different regions of the world before returning to Vienna, to the source of the Viennese art of coffee – always following his goal of creating the best coffee for the ultimate pleasure.

Together they are Bieder & Maier.

When two worlds blend together, a special mix of the finest coffee, utmost enjoyment and exclusive design is created.

Winner of ADC New York Award 2019
Winner of European Design Award 2019
Winner of German Design Award 2019
Winner of CCA – Creative Club Austria 2018
Winner of Red Dot Design Award 2018
Winner of Joseph Binder Award 2018


From Vienna
with love.
Heritage Heritage

Welcome to the world’s capital of coffee. Drinking coffee has a long tradition in Vienna. It began with the Second Turkish Siege of Vienna around 1638. Fleeing the city, the Turks left countless treasures behind, among which the most valuable was probably coffee. In the imperial era of Biedermeier around 1828 numerous Viennese coffee houses were opened. Ever since the old days, painters, poets, philosophers and musicians have spent their days working and hanging out at their favourite Kaffeehaus. The world outside has changed and coffee has become a worldwide trend product, however in an original Viennese Kaffeehaus you can still feel the grand Viennese tradition. In 2011, Viennese coffee culture was declared intangible cultural heritage by the UNESCO. And since 2018, there is a coffee that is reviving this century-old culture.


Explorer & Connoisseur

May we introduce: Valentin Maier, coffee connoisseur from Vienna and passionate Barista. His dedication and love for remarkable beans drives him to bring Vienna’s coffee story to the world. When he opens up a new chapter of Viennese coffee history, it is sure to be a special mix: Bieder & Maier.

Creating the best coffee for the ultimate pleasure.

Our beans are hand-picked in the best growing regions of the world. We had to travel far in search of the best beans, but in the end we reached our goal: to create exquisite tastes through carefully selected quality.

Our long roasting procedure takes 22 to 30 minutes. Our gentle drum roasting procedure doesn’t make them sweat and they can work in peace at developing their soft and velvety taste and harmonic notes.

Thanks to their velvety taste, our barista Valentin Maier’s blends are on everybody’s lips. We roll out the red carpet for your taste buds and invite you to a tasting!


It’s all about
the taste.

It’s all about the taste, baby.

It can take a while to choose your favourite from more than 100 types of coffee. That’s why our barista Valentin Maier has created 3 exclusive blends from the many different varieties. His creations go from velvety to refreshing, from strong to intense. We suggest taking a ride on the giraffe through the world of Bieder & Maier in search for your new favourite blend.

Master Blends

The barista has chosen! And he selected his premium blends for your greatest coffee pleasure.

velvety | refreshing
100% Arabica
strong | harmonic
50% Arabica & 50% Robusta
Master Blends


It’s all about Vienna.
Vienna Blends

Vienna BlendS

Century-old Viennese coffee culture with a modern look.

fresh | light
75% Arabica & 25% Robusta
intense | spicy
75% Arabica & 25% Robusta
intense | strong
60% Arabica & 40% Robusta


Tradition & Lifestyle

Serve the soul of Vienna. Every restaurant and bar is a portrayal of its owners and guests. Concept, interior and the menu are all thoughtfully matched. This love for detail can be furthered by an individual choice of coffee. This philosophy of quality can now be reflected in the selection of your coffee brand: Bieder & Maier. With our renowned barista Valentin Maier, you can create a blend in the original style of Viennese coffee according to your own taste. Your restaurant and bar will get an individualised and unique blend of coffee that you offer exclusively. Add a part of the worldwide one-of-a-kind Viennese coffee culture to your restaurant. Together we create your own blend and match the packaging with your design.

Brand, design and more. We pay attention to every detail of the design concept and work together closely with the best that the creative industry has to offer. In Vienna, London and Paris. So our coffee shines on the outside as well as it reflects the quality standard of our clients. We want you to enjoy our design – Packaging, overall image of the brand, even the tableware.

Arrange an appointment with our barista for an exclusive tasting!

Tradition & Lifestyle


Ant the winner is …

The world‘s Most awarded coffee.

It’s bean an honor. Premium quality meets premium design. Our packaging, developed with a lot of love, has won the most important international awards. From the Red Dot Award, the German Brand and European Design Award to the award for the world’s best packaging at the ADC New York.


Organic Blends.

It‘s all about sustainability.

Nature’s work of art.

The barista has chosen! And he selected his premium blends for your greatest coffee pleasure.

gentle | refreshing
strong | harmonious
Master Blends