by Cecilie Auersperg | 26. May 2021

Original Viennese Iced Coffee

The origins of the Viennese iced coffee can be found in a tavern called the “Limonadezelt,” which was run by the Milani coffee-boiler on Kohlmarkt, Vienna. There, Viennese society could sweeten their summer with various types of ice cream – including vanilla ice cream.


Hence, the combination of vanilla and coffee was only a matter of time. Then, in 1790, the first iced coffee was served, and it has been delighting many fragrant lovers around the world ever since. Especially now in summer, it is one of the most popular drinks.

But what does it take now to create your own Viennese iced coffee? Not much! Just the right blend (ORGANIC LIGHT ROAST or N°1 FRESH), some whipped cream, wafers & delicious vanilla ice cream.


This is how it works:


Step 1:

After you brew your blend, the coffee needs to cool down first. This way, the ice cream won’t melt later & will retain its firm consistency.

Step 2:

We recommend a longer glass that can fit two scoops of ice cream! Place the vanilla ice cream inside & then pour the cooled coffee over the scoops.

Step 3:

For a flavor boost or decoration, we recommend a nice dollop of whipped cream, a piece of wafer & cocoa powder as the final topping. Done!

Tip: On really hot days, just throw a few more ice cubes into the glass!


From Vienna with Love

Your Bieder & Maier Team