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by Laura Minet | 17. July 2020

the perfect grind.

Anyone who has ever drunk a cup of coffee brewed from freshly ground coffee beans will never want to drink anything else again. But how do you manage that at home? In the coffee house, a grinder adapted to the coffee machine usually takes care of crushing the beans. At home, very few people have this option. But with a little practice and knowledge you can achieve the perfect grind for every type of brew!

This brewing method involves soaking the ground coffee beans in water for a prolonged period of time – usually about four minutes. A coarser grind counteracts the “risk” of over-brewing the coffee with this method by slowing down the extraction process.

The Pour Over method uses a filter. The fineness of the coffee powder in the filter directly determines the brewing time and intensity of the coffee. In order to prevent “over-brewing” here as well, a medium-fine grinding is recommended for the Pour Over.

Espresso has a very short brewing time – typically only 20 to 30 seconds. However, this time is sufficient to force water through the coffee using very strong pressure. In order to form a greater barrier to the water flowing through and thus ensure that enough aroma is extracted in this short time, a particularly fine grind is recommended for espresso.