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by Laura Minet | 8. May 2020

In spring we put our coffee aside!

Sunrays on your skin, a lush green meadow, a deck chair and a hot, steaming cup of coffee in your hand. Somehow it doesn’t fit. There are moments in life when even we put our coffee aside. For 12 hours. To make the best cold brew from the finest Bieder & Maier coffee!

Would you also like to enjoy the new hit? Then we have a very simple recipe for you here!

You need this:

  • 100 g Bieder & Maier coffee
  • Coffee Mill
  • Glass
  • Hand filter
  • 1 liter of water
  • 12 hours time
  • 10 to 15 ice cubes

How to prepare the perfect Bieder & Maier Cold Brew:

Grind your Bieder & Maier beans coarsely in the mill and pour the coffee into a pot. Now mix with cold water, cover the pot and wait. For 12 hours. Then you can run the coffee with the set through a filter and fill up the filtered cold brew with water until you have one liter again.

And ready is the cool pleasure for hot days! And if that’s not exceptional enough for you, try your Bieder & Maier Cold Brew with tonic water or lemon juice. We promise you: It’ll be a big hit at the next party!