by Cecilie Auersperg | 3. November 2021

Robusta and Arabica – as different as day and night.


These beans are the most popular of hundreds of different coffee variations and account for 95% of global consumption. But how do the two favorites differ?


It needs the alternation of sun and shade to thrive. Protected from pests and rooted in rich soil, it grows in subtropical highlands – the high standards of the Arabica plant can be tasted in every sip: mildly aromatic, it pampers the palate with a range of different nuances.


So simple in cultivation, yet so pure in taste. As its name suggests, the Robusta plant is much less picky about its growing conditions than the Arabica. Compared to Arabica, a Robusta bean contains twice as much caffeine, but only half as much sugar – perfect for strong espressos with a rich crema.


Better together ♥︎

As delicious as the varieties are to enjoy separately, when combined their nuances blend into unique taste experiences. In almost all of our blends, we use the strong Robusta bean as a solid foundation for the fine nuances of the Arabica. This works particularly well with our Blend N°3 FORZA, in which our barista Valentin Maier combines both types in equal parts and thus manages to create chocolaty, nutty nuances. Experience this harmonious interplay and order our combination varieties in the online store: