by Laura Minet | 26. March 2020

Anticipation is the greatest joy.

Even if we all stay at home for a while, Bieder & Maier makes sure that the coffee pleasure never runs out! You can of course order your favourite blend around the clock online at or and have it delivered to your home.

But if you prefer to enjoy Bieder & Maier in a coffee house, then unfortunately you will have to wait a little longer for your enjoyment! To shorten your waiting time and because anticipation is the greatest joy, you can now buy vouchers for the enjoyment of your cup of Bieder & Maier in a coffee house!

Our partner offers vouchers from local companies and restaurants. The purchase of these vouchers now provides urgently needed support in a difficult time and will bring you much enjoyment later. And also on the platform of our friends of you will quickly and clearly find many restaurants and coffeehouses, which you can already look forward to visiting later.

Stay healthy!