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by Laura Minet | 18. March 2020

Best taste in highest organic quality!

22 – 30 minutes of long-term roasting, exclusive blends from the barista and beans from the best growing areas in the world – that’s what Bieder & Maier coffee stands for in many different varieties. And now two new ones have been added – in selected organic quality!

The sort Bio Light Roast is made of 100 % single Arabica beans, which were organically grown in the best areas of Honduras. After harvesting, we select only the highest quality beans for the blend, which, thanks to our roasting process, have a strong and spicy taste.

The sort Bio Dark Roast, on the other hand, consists of 80% Arabica beans from Honduras and is completed with 20% Robusta beans from India. The combination of these two varieties creates a great aroma and a wonderful crema for an espresso with a distinct taste.

Try both now and find your personal favorite!
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