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by Laura Minet | 13. February 2020

Back to black.

Café Latte, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino – for a long time people preferred to drink their coffee with milk. Eventually, dairy milk was replaced more and more often by plant-based alternatives. But a double espresso with foamed almond milk, oat milk, soy milk or a spelled drink has long since ceased to be an exotic drink. Not even if it is sweetened by stevia ore something else.

In recent years, supermarket shelves have been increasingly filled with these product innovations. But apparently, for nothing. Because coffee drinkers are increasingly returning to black coffee. Even classic preparation methods such as filter coffee are once again in vogue. People are again taking time for a hot cup of coffee, even making a ceremony out of it and turning their backs on coffee-to-go. A trend that fits perfectly with the philosophy of Bieder & Maier, which has its origins in 1828. Because back then, when the Viennese coffee tradition reached its peak, nobody thought of adding milk to their coffee or taking it with them.

What they enjoyed most was the pure taste of perfectly roasted coffee, the different aromas that complement each other ideally, and the time taken to enjoy it. Just like today with a cup of Bieder & Maier coffee.