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by Laura Minet | 10. September 2020

Zero Waste meets coffee.

Sustainability and environmental protection are now a priority in almost all areas of life. Also, coffee wastes many of our environmental resources. But because we are all coffee lovers and cannot do without it, the following tips will show you how to drink coffee in a more environmentally friendly way:


We have already explained how this brewing method works in one of our last blog posts. The best conditions for those who want to buy a French press and at the same time place importance on sustainability. Because instead of paper filters, a metal sieve does the filtering work here.


Not a fan of the French press? Then you could benefit from a fabric filter. This can also be easily made by yourself, for example from old cotton shirts.


When buying coffee products, pay attention to the so-called “bio-leaf” on the packaging. This means that the product has been produced in compliance with organic production. By the way, this also applies to our Bio Blends Organic Light Roast and Organic Dark Roast.


Do you prefer to drink your coffee with a shot of milk? This also works sustainably, namely by buying the milk in reusable packaging or in so-called “zero waste shops”.