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by Laura Minet | 12. November 2019

The crowning of perfect espresso.

When you go to bed in the evening, does the thought of a hot espresso in the morning put you in a sweet sleep full of excitement for the next morning? Then this cup of espresso should be nothing but perfection. But what exactly makes that perfection?
Answering this question is much easier than achieving perfection. In our opinion, the secret lies in the foamy lightness that crowns your espresso. After all, what would an espresso be without a crema, except for a cup full of empty promises?

But what exactly is the crema?

During espresso preparation, hot water is pressed through the ground coffee beans. Pressure and heat cause the natural fats in the coffee beans to emulsify. When the espresso runs from the machine into the cup, the emulsified oils separate from the coffee and form a crema on the surface. And what good would that do?
On the one hand such a crema looks pretty. But more importantly, it gives your espresso a creamy texture that spreads all over the tongue and intensifies the taste of the espresso. The crema is also a sign of quality. Because a coffee that has been overroasted produces a thinner crema because there is less oil in the beans.

What makes a good crema?

That, like so much in life, depends on personal preference. Many coffee lovers prefer a caramel-coloured crema – but any shade from light blonde to dark terracotta can make a good crema. Even the assumption that the darker and thicker the crema, the better, is not necessarily true. Only with high quality coffee can you be sure that the cream will deliver what the coffee promises.

And how do you make a good crema?

This privilege is not reserved for trained barista – you too can enjoy a perfect espresso every morning. All you need are the Bieder & Maier Pads. Simply place them in the appropriate machine and the creamy texture unfolds in the cup at the touch of a button. The Pads are available in Forza, Spring and Fresh – just try them out and discover the perfect crema for you!