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by Felix Wagner | 29. January 2021

Coffee with heart.

Today we’re going to show you how you can whip up a piece of latte art in your cups.

You are not going to need much for this:

  • 1 pitcher or a pot with a pronounced spout (optional for the spout 1 toothpick).
  • 1 round and wide cup
  • 1 espresso machine with steam nozzle
  • 3 main ingredients: Coffee (preferably one of our Organic Blends, cold milk with high fat content.


Step 1:

Phase 1 – froth the milk in the jug or pitcher. The steam nozzle should be positioned just below the surface of the milk. Baristas refer to this as “pulling”.

Step 2:

Phase 2 – as soon as the milk has built up about half more volume, begin what is known in the trade as “rolling”. To do this, simply submerge the nozzle a few centimeters deeper into the milk – until it has reached the right temperature.

Step 3:

Tap the jug or pitcher on the tabletop a few times to allow the larger air bubbles to escape.

Step 4:

Now pour the frothed milk into the coffee cup (the coffee should already be in the cup) as quickly as possible. First from a little higher up, so that the crema can melt into the foam. Then with the pot or pitcher closer to the cup, so that the foam remains on the surface.

Step 5:

Now the heart. To do this, pour the remaining milk foam in the center of the cup until a large round circle is formed. Then push the spout of the pot or pitcher through the circle from top to bottom. Optionally, a toothpick can be used for this. Pull this through the crown of foam as well. Now you should have a heart in your cup!